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Appendix B: Annual Group Photographs, Preconference Colloquiums, and Global Conversations Alumni Programs



Participant photograph taken at introductory reception during the 2012 Annual Conference. From left: Shao-Chien Tseng (Taiwan), Salam Attasabri (Iraq), Jean Célestin Ky (Burkina Faso), Olabisi Silva (Nigeria), Dóra Sallay (Hungary), Pavlína Morganová (Czech Republic), Federico Freschi (South Africa/New Zealand), Didier Houenoude (Benin), Judy Peter (South Africa), Rosa Gabriella de Castro Gonçalves (Brazil), Daniel Premerl (Croatia), Angela Harutyunyan (Lebanon), Cristian Nae (Romania), Malvina Rousseva (Bulgaria), Irena Kossowska (Poland), Hanna Rudyk (Ukraine), Jagath Weerasinghe (Sri Lanka), Parul Pandya Dhar (India), Nadhra Shahbaz Khan (Pakistan). Not pictured: Gyöngyvér Horváth (Hungary) (photograph © Katie Underwood, provided by the Getty Foundation)

(no preconference colloquium)



Participant photograph taken at a wrap-up meeting at the end of the 2013 Annual Conference. Front, from left: Janet Landay (CAA-Getty project director, USA), Musarrat Hasan (Pakistan), Marina Vicelja-Matijasic (Croatia), Doralyn Pines (CAA board member and program host, USA), Priscila Arantes (Brazil), Isabel Plante (Argentina), Mheesung Park (South Korea), Trinidad Pérez (Ecuador), Venny Mary Nakazibwe (Uganda), Parul Dave Mukherji (India). Back: Ohioma Ifounu Pogoson (Nigeria), Hlynur Helgason (Iceland), Joseph Codjovi Etienne Adandé (Benin), Richard Gregor (Slovakia), Karen von Veh (South Africa), Davor Džalto (Serbia/Sweden), Bogdan Teodor Iacob (Romania), Marly Joseph Desir (Haiti), M. P. Sudarshana Bandara (Sri Lanka), AKM Khademul Haque (Bangladesh), Ding Ning (China), Elaine O’Brien (program host, USA), Peju Layiwola (Nigeria)

(no preconference colloquium)



From left: Katerina Gadjeva (Bulgaria), Freeborn Odiboh (Nigeria), Susana S. Martins (Portugal), Kanwal Khalid (Pakistan), Magdalena Anna Nowak (Poland), Adriana Oprea (Romania), Cezar Bartholomeu (Brazil), Daria Kostina (Russia), Eddie Butindo-Mbaalya (Uganda), Lilianne Lugo Herrera (Cuba), Laris Borić (Croatia), Josefina de la Maza Chevesich (Chile), Fernando Luis Martínez Nespral (Argentina), Portia Malatjie (South Africa), Mahmuda Khnam (Bangladesh), Rael Artel (Estonia), Ahmed Wahby (Egypt), Hugues Heuman Tchana (Cameroon), Heba Nayel Barakat Hassanein (Malaysia/Egypt), Eric Appau Asante (Ghana) (photograph by Bradley Marks, © CAA)

International Topics in Art History
Preconference Colloquium

February 11, 2014
Hilton Chicago

Introduction to the College Art Association
Anne Collins Goodyear, president, CAA, and codirector, Bowdoin College Museum of Art
Linda Downs, executive director and CEO, College Art Association

Session 1: Art and National Identity
Katerina Gadjeva, Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Science
Lilianne Lugo Herrera, Universidad de las Artes, Cuba
Hugues Heuman Tchana, University of Maroua/Higher Institute of the Sahel, Cameroon
Fernando Luis Martínez Nespral, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ahmed Wahby, German University in Cairo, Egypt

Session 2: International Perspectives on Contemporary Art
Cezar Bartholomeu, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Heba Nayel Barakat Hassanein, Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Kanwal Khalid, Lahore College for Women, Pakistan
Portia Malatjie, Rhodes University, South Africa
Adriana Oprea, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Romania

Session 3: National Practices in Art History
Laris Borić, University of Zadar, Croatia
Josefina de la Maza Chevesich, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile
Daria Kostina, Ural Federal University, Russia
Mahmuda Khnam, Jagannath University, Bangladesh
Freeborn Odiboh, University of Benin, Nigeria

Session 4: Art and National Identity
Rael Artel, Tartu Art Museum, Estonia
Eric Appau Asante, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
Eddie Butindo-Mbaalya, Kyambogo University, Uganda
Susana S. Martins, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Magdalena Anna Nowak, The National Museum in Warsaw, Poland

Open Discussion
CAA International Travel Grant Recipients, with
Frederick M. Asher, moderator, University of Minnesota
Mark Cheetham, University of Toronto, Canada
Jennifer Milam, University of Sydney, Australia
Steven Nelson, University of California, Los Angeles
Joanne Pillsbury, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York



Front, from left: Savita Kumari (India), Andrey Shabanov (Russia), Nóra Veszprémi (Hungary/UK), Shao Yiyang (China), Janet Landay (CAA-Getty project director, USA), Ana Mannarino (Brazil), Nomusa Makhubu (South Africa), Dafne Cruz Porchini (Mexico). Back: Nazar Kozak (Ukraine), Márton Orosz (Hungary), Angelo Kakande (Uganda), Boureima Tiékoroni Diamitani (Burkina Faso), Ljerka Dulibić (Croatia), Lize van Robbroeck (South Africa), Georgina G. Gluzman (Argentina). Not pictured: Mokammal H. Bhuiyan (Bangladesh)

International Issues in Art History
Preconference Colloquium

February 10, 2015
New York Hilton Midtown

Welcome and Introductions

Questioning the Discourse
Andrey Shabanov, “From Descriptive to Critical Art Historical Research: Some Aspects of Academic Writing in the West and Russia”
Nomusa Makhubu, “Finding the ‘New’: Art Historical Methodology and the Fetishization of Place”
Georgina G. Gluzman, “Sweeping It under the Rug: Research on Women Artists in Nineteenth-Century Buenos Aires”

Beyond Borders/Beyond Context
Nóra Veszprémi, “Changing Contexts: Expatriate Artists and the Hungarian Art Scene in the Nineteenth Century”
Mokammal H. Bhuiyan, “The Study of Bengal Art in the West”
Ljerka Dulibić, “Lasting Possessions: The Impact of Ownership on the Creation, Perception, and Reception of Art”

Open discussion, moderated by Rosemary O’Neill, chair, CAA International Committee, and associate professor, Parsons School of Design–The New School

Activism and the Political
Savita Kumari, “Contextualizing Political Representations in Visual Art of India from the Eighteenth to Mid-Nineteenth Century”
Angelo Kakande, “Art and/as Exclusion: Public Art as a Site of Exclusion in Uganda”
Nazar Kozak, “The Art of Ukraine’s Euromaidan: Changing the Environment of Protest”

Cross-Cultural Encounters/Reception
Shao Yiyang, “Infinite Social Landscape: The Transformative Moments of Chinese Contemporary Art on the Global Stage”
Lize van Robbroeck, “Alter-Modernities and Alter-Subjectivities: Undoing the Modern-Primitive Continuum in the Study of Early African Modernism”
Ana Mannarino, “Written Word in Brazilian Art after the 1960s: Mira Schendel and Waltercio Caldas”

Exhibition Cultures in a Global Society
Dafne Cruz Porchini, “Mapping Mexican Art Exhibitions in the United States (1920–1943)”
Boureima Tiékoroni Diamitani, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Display and Interpretation of African Art in and out of Africa”
Márton Orosz, “The Self-Reflecting Museum as a Discursive Space: How Exhibition Can Change the Ontology of a Collection?”

Open discussion, moderated by Marc Gotlieb, president, National Committee for the History of Art and director, graduate program in art history, Williams College


Front, from left: Ceren Özpınar (Turkey), Olaya Sanfuentes Echeverría (Chile), Bùi Thị Thanh Mai (Vietnam). Middle: Lev Maciel (Russia), Peyvand Firouzeh (Iran/Australia), Heloisa Espada (Brazil), María Isabel Baldasarre (Argentina), Ildikó Gericsné Fehér (Hungary), Abiodun Akande (Nigeria), Sarena Abdullah (Malaysia), Danielle Becker (South Africa). Back: Sandra Uskoković (Croatia), Horacio Ramos Cerna (Peru), Emmanuel Moutafov (Bulgaria), Paulo Silveira (Brazil)

International Topics in Art History
Preconference Colloquium

February 2, 2016
Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Welcome and Introductions

Devotional Art and Ritual
Abiodun Akande (Nigeria), “Yoruba Religion and Attendant Wood Carvings: Intercultural Exchanges”
Olaya Sanfuentes Echeverría (Chile), “Nativity Scenes Used for Christmas Celebrations in Santiago de Chile during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century”
Peyvand Firouzeh (Iran/Australia), “The Sacred and the Profane: Sufi Shrine Networks and Material Culture between Iran, Central Asia, and India”

Modernity and Cosmopolitanism
Sarena Abdullah (Malaysia), “Visual Modernities in Transit: From Malay Manuscripts, Early Print Media to Modern Art”
Heloisa Espada (Brazil), “The Swiss Delegation in the 1st São Paulo Biennial and the Origins of Concrete Art in Brazil”

Preserving and Interpreting Cultural Heritage
Ildikó Gericsné Fehér (Hungary), “Preserved Frescoes from Demolished or Rebuilt Medieval Buildings in Italy”
Sandra Uskoković (Croatia) “Urban Figures of Memory”

Open discussion, moderated by Frederick M. Asher, University of Minnesota

Challenging Nationalist Art Histories
Ceren Özpınar (Turkey), “Interrupting Imperial Temporalities in Art History”
Paulo Silveira (Brazil), “Latin-American Creativity in the Identity of Contemporary Art: An Approach via Artists’ Publications”
Lev Maciel (Russia), “Early Modern Architecture: Regional Approach vs. National History”

Art History in a Global Context
María Isabel Baldasarre (Argentina), “Possibilities of a Global Art History: Latin America and the Idea of a Global Modernity”
Danielle Becker (South Africa), “The Universal and the Local: Art Historical Frameworks in South Africa”
Bùi Thi Thanh Mai (Vietnam), “History of Vietnamese Art: Different Perspectives in Periodization of Art”

Models of Art History in Emerging Academic Contexts
Emmanuel Moutafov (Bulgaria), “The State of Art History in Bulgaria: An Emerging Scholarly Discipline”
Horacio Ramos Cerna (Peru), “Written within Exhibitions: The Museo de Arte Borrado and Art History Writing in Peru”

Open discussion, moderated by Rosemary O’Neill, chair, CAA International Committee, Parsons School of Design–The New School



Front, from left: Ana Mannarino (Brazil), Ding Ning (China), Sarena Abdullah (Malaysia), Rosa Gabriella de Castro Gonçalves (Brazil), Abiodun Akande (Nigeria), Sandra Uskoković (Croatia), Hugues Heuman Tchana (Cameroon), Parul Dave Mukerji (India), Ceren Özpınar (Turkey), Irena Kossowska (Poland). Back: Nazar Kozak (Ukraine), Georgina G. Gluzman (Argentina), Shao Yiyang (China), Ljerka Dulibić (Croatia), AKM Khademul Haque (Bangladesh), Janet Landay (CAA-Getty project director, USA), Richard Gregor (Slovakia), Davor Džalto (Serbia/Sweden), Portia Malatjie (South Africa), Cristian Nae (Romania), Laris Borić (Croatia) (photograph by Ben Fractenberg, © CAA)

Global Conversations
Reunion Sessions at 2017 CAA Annual Conference

Global Conversations I
Unsettling the Discipline: Decolonizing the Curriculum
Chair: Michael Ann Holly, Clark Art Institute
Abiodun Akande (Nigeria), “Decolonizing the Curriculum: Synthesizing ‘Multiple Consciousness’ into the Art History Curricula of Nigeria and Ghana”
Laris Borić (Croatia), “The Emancipatory Potential of Karaman’s Concept of ‘Peripheral Art’: Still Operative?”
Georgina G. Gluzman (Argentina), “‘Does This really matter?’ Art History, Feminism, and Peripheral Positions”
AKM Khademul Haque (Bangladesh), “Decolonizing in the Age of Globalization: Experience of a Bangladeshi Art Historian”
Hugues Heuman Tchana (Cameroon), “Dangers of Eurocentrism and the Need to Indigenize African and Grassfields Histories”

Global Conversations II
Dominant Ideologies and Political Trauma: Can Art History Be Reborn?
Chair: Frederick M. Asher, University of Minnesota
Irena Kossowska (Poland), “After the Wall: Cultural Trauma and Methodological Challenges in Polish Art History”
Nazar Kozak (Ukraine), “How My Art History Was Reborn”
Portia Malatjie (South Africa), “d.o.a.”
Shao Yiyang (China), “Visible and Invisible: How Art History Can Be Reborn from Dominant Ideology in China”
Sandra Uskoković (Croatia), “‘Reconstructing’ Art History”

Global Conversations III
The Trouble with (the Term) Art
Chair: Mary Miller, Yale University
Sarena Abdullah (Malaysia), “seni moden as an Evolving Term and Practice in Malaysian Art”
Davor Džalto (Serbia), “‘When Did Beauty Become So F…n’ Ugly?’ Troubles with Art and Its Functions”
Richard Gregor (Slovakia), “Short Introduction on Applying the ‘Homonymic Curtain’ to Recent Exhibitions”
Ana Mannarino (Brazil), “Art History and Cultural Hegemony in Brazil: The Risks of Misunderstanding Indigenous Art and Colonial Art”
Ceren Özpınar (Turkey), “Why Is the Miniature Painting Not History?”

Global Conversations IV
Transnational Collaborations and Interdisciplinarity: Generating New Knowledge
Chair: David J. Roxburgh, Harvard University
Ljerka Dulibić (Croatia), “Tracing the Transfer of Cultural Objects/Challenging the Burdens of the Past”
Rosa Gabriella de Castro Gonçalves (Brazil), “Aby Warburg and the Boundaries of Art History”
Parul Dave Mukherji (India), “Decolonizing Mimesis: Mad Metaphors and Slippery Similarities in a Classical Sanskrit Text on Painting”
Cristian Nae (Romania), “Decolonizing Cartography? Visual Culture and the Poetics of Space in Critical Contemporary Art”
Ding Ning (China), “Chinese Blue-and-White Porcelain in Western Painting”



Front, from left: Thanavi Chotpradit (Thailand), Natalia Keller (Chile), Nomusa Makhubu (South Africa), Simon Soon (Malaysia), Chen Liu (China), Felipe Soeiro Chaimovich (Brazil). Back: Hsin-tien Liao (Taiwan), Alison Kearney (South Africa), Ildikó Gericsné Fehér (Hungary), Natalia Moussienko (Ukraine), Parul Pandya Dhar (India), Anna Guseva (Russia), Markéta Hánová (Czech Republic), Janet Landay (CAA-Getty project director, USA), John Tokpabere Agberia (Nigeria), Sandra Križić Roban (Croatia), Katarzyna Cytlak (Poland/Argentina), Romuald Tchibozo (Benin), Sarah Umer (Pakistan). Not pictured: Cezar Bartholomeu (Brazil), Peju Layiwola (Nigeria) (photograph by Ben Fractenberg, © CAA )

Global Conversations 2018
Preconference Colloquium

February 20, 2018
The Getty Center, Los Angeles

Welcome and Introductions
Nomusa Makhubu, University of Cape Town

Postcolonial and Eurocentric Legacies
Chair: Peju Layiwola, University of Lagos
Alison Kearney (South Africa), “Beyond the Readymade: The Use of Found Objects in Contemporary South African Art”
Katarzyna Cytlak (Argentina), “Resistance to Western Paradigms in East European and Latin American Art from the Late 1960s to 1989”
Hsin-Tien Liao (Taiwan), “The Emergence of Taiwan’s Modern Visual Art and the Formation of Identity”

Global Trends in Museum Research and Exhibitions
Chair: Ildikó Gericsné Fehér, Hungarian University of Fine Arts
John Tokpabere Agberia (Nigeria), “Digital Media Exhibition Curating in a University: The Case of the University of Port Harcourt Museum”
Markéta Hánová (Czech Republic), “Thinking Cross-Culturally: Asian Art in a Visual Dialogue”
Natalia Keller (Chile), “Gender Issues in Museums: Possibility, Provocation, Necessity?”

Interdisciplinary and Transnational Methodologies
Chair: Nomusa Makhubu, University of Cape Town
Felipe Soeiro Chaimovich (Brazil), “Mirrors and the Invention of Perspective”
Sandra Križić Roban (Croatia), “Experiments and Innovative Strategies in Croatian Photography during the 1960s and 1970s”
Romuald Tchibozo (Benin), “Understanding African Art: An Interdisciplinary Exercise”

Cultural Identity, Politics, and the Powers of Art
Chair: Parul Pandya Dhar, University of Delhi
Sarah Umer (Pakistan), “Tracing the Cultural Ideology of the Indus Valley People”
Simon Soon (Malaysia), “Datok Fatimah in Chinese Body: The Homely and Unhomely Presence of a Klang House Temple”
Natalia Moussienko (Ukraine), “Reenergized by the Maidan: A Conjunction of Art and Politics”

Considering an International Art History Curriculum
Chair: Cezar Bartholomeu, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Anna Guseva (Russia), “Terminology and Methodology in Teaching Asian Art to Russian Art History Students”
Chen Liu (China), “A Chinese Perspective on Cross-Cultural Transmissions of Art History”
Thanavi Chotpradit (Thailand), “Translation and Change: Teaching Art History in Thailand”

Open discussion, moderated by Steven Nelson, University of California, Los Angeles

Global Conversations 2018
Alumni Session at CAA Annual Conference

Border Crossings: The Migration of Art, People, and Ideas
Chair: Nomusa Makhubu, University of Cape Town
Cezar Bartholomeu (Brazil), “Haruo Ohara’s Photography: Japanese Blossom in Brazilian Culture”
Peju Layiwola (Nigeria), “Conversations across Borders: Fostering Art Linkages in the Age of Information Technology”
Ildikó Gericsné Fehér (Hungary), “Art and Migration Politics”
Parul Pandya Dhar (India), “The Mediation of the Object: Iconographies of Travel across the Indian Ocean”
Discussant: Saloni Mathur, University of California, Los Angeles



Front, from left: Katarzyna Cytlak (Poland/Argentina), Pedith Chan (Hong Kong), Zamansele Nsele (South Africa), Iro Katsaridou (Greece), Tamara Quírico (Brazil), Swati Chemburkar (India), Nadhra Shahbaz Khan (Pakistan). Back: Juliana Ribeiro da Silva Bevilacqua (Brazil), Viviana Usubiaga (Argentina), Nazar Kozak (Ukraine), Halyna Kohut (Ukraine), Marko Stamekovic (Serbia/Albania), Stephen Fọlárànmí (Nigeria), Chen Liu (China), Jian Zhang (China), Richard Bullen (New Zealand), Negar Habibi (Iran/France), Oana Maria Nicuță Nae (Romania), Sarena Abdullah (Malaysia) Not pictured: Chukwuemeka Nwigwe (Nigeria) (photograph by Ben Fractenberg, © CAA)

Global Conversations 2019
Preconference Colloquium

February 12, 2019
Parsons School of Design–The New School, New York

Welcome and Introductions
Nazar Kozak, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Examples of Defining or Constructing Aesthetics in Chinese and Japanese Art
Chair: Chen Liu, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University
Pedith Chan (Hong Kong), “The Making of Scenic Sites: Landscape Painting, Tourism, and Nationalism in Republican China”
Richard Bullen (New Zealand), “Art by Japanese Prisoners in New Zealand during WWII”
Jian Zhang (China), “Lucy Driscoll and Developing a Theory of Chinese Painting”

Chair: Nadhra Shahbaz Khan, Lahore University of Management Sciences
Negar Habibi (Iran), “From Occidentalism to an Occidentalizing Art: An Iranian Gaze to the Occident”
Halyna Kohut (Ukraine), “Deconstructing Imperialism: The Intersection of Religion, Politics, and Design in the Iconography of a Christian Saint”
Oana Maria Nicuță Nae (Romania), “Orientalism and Female Portraiture in Nineteenth-Century Painting in Romania”

How Do We Approach Religious Art?
Chair: Nazar Kozak, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Tamara Quírico (Brazil), “The Last Judgment in Spanish America as Social Rhetoric of Salvation and Damnation”
Swati Chemburkar (India), “Dancers, Musicians, Brahmins, and Ṛṣis: Understanding the Temple Worship of the Pāśupata Sect in Angkor, Cambodia”
Stephen Fọlárànmí (Nigeria), “You Cannot See It: Access to Religious Artistic Materials”

The Body, Identity, and Artistic Agency
Chair: Katarzyna Cytlak, University of San Martín
Chukwuemeka Nwigwe (Nigeria), “Shifting Female Identity: Female Cross-Dressing in Southeast Nigeria”
Juliana Ribeiro da Silva Bevilacqua (Brazil), “Challenging the ‘Unconscious’: Agnaldo Manoel dos Santos and the Revision of Afro-Brazilian Art”
Viviana Usubiaga (Argentina), “The Reinvention of the Body in Volatile Times: Political and Artistic Intersections between Buenos Aires and New York in the 1980s”

Politics and Art in Dark Times
Chair: Sarena Abdullah, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Marko Stamenkovic (Albania), “A Flame For Freedom”
Zamansele Nsele (South Africa), “Sanitizing Memory through Erasure: Post-Apartheid Nostalgia in Contemporary Visual Art Practice”
Iro Katsaridou (Greece), “The Crisis Displayed: Greece’s Participation at the Venice Art Biennale”

Global Conversations 2019
Alumni Session at Annual Conference

Creative Pedagogy: Mapping the In Between across Cultures
Chair: Nazar Kozak, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Chen Liu (China), “An Italian in China: The Curious Case of Giuseppe Castiglione”
Katarzyna Cytlak (Argentina), “Pedagogy of the Transborders: Reviewing East European Art from the Perspective of Transatlantic Cultural Exchanges with Latin American and African Cultures”
Nadhra Shahbaz Khan (Pakistan), “Images of Guru Nanak: Locating Patterns of Words in Images”
Sarena Abdullah (Malaysia), “Cross-Cultural Encounters through Creative Pedagogy in Teaching Art History”


Front, from left: Julia Waite (New Zealand), Saurabh Tewari (India), Daria G. Jaremtchuk (Brazil), Ali Mahfouz (Egypt), Abiodun Akande (Nigeria), Aleksandra Paradowska (Poland), Iro Katsaridou (Greece), Priya Maholay-Jaradi (Singapore), Giuliana Vidarte (Peru). Back: Valeria Paz Moscoso (Bolivia), Nóra Veszprémi (Hungary/UK), Eiman Elgibreen (Saudi Arabia), Pedith Chan (Hong Kong), Mariana Levytska (Ukraine), Daniela Lucena (Argentina), Katarzyna Cytlak (Poland/Argentina), Daria Panaiotti (Russia), Jean-Arsène Yao (Ivory Coast), Irene Bronner (South Africa). Not pictured: Ganiyu Jimoh (Nigeria) (photograph by Stacey Rupolo, © CAA)

Global Conversations
2020 Preconference Colloquium

February 11, 2020
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Welcome and Introductions
Katarzyna Cytlak,* art historian based in Argentina and Poland

New Perspectives in Indigenous Arts: Multilayered Modernities across Time and Place
Chair: Abiodun Akande, University of Lagos
Valeria Paz Moscoso (Bolivia), “Neither One nor the Other: Thinking Art beyond the Colonial Bind”
Giuliana Vidarte (Peru), “To Give Shape to Time: Contemporary Perspectives on Prehispanic Ceramics”
Julia Waite (New Zealand), “Towards a New Dynamic Equilibrium: Walters, Mondrian, and Wai262”

The Politics of Cultural Heritage
Chair: Nóra Veszprémi, Masaryk University, Brno
Ali Mahfouz (Egypt), “The Vital Role of Preserving Art and Cultural Heritage in Confronting Terrorism: A Case Study of Mansoura City, Egypt”
Aleksandra Paradowska (Poland), “The Imperial Castle in Poznań: ‘Difficult Heritage’ and a ‘Useful Monument’”
Mariana Levytska (Ukraine), “Rethinking Methodology: Ukrainian Art History in the Soviet Ideological Trap”

Expanding the Subjects of Art Historical study
Chair: Iro Katsaridou, Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki
Ganiyu Jimoh (Nigeria), “Not One of Us? The Place of Comic and Cartoon in Art Historical Discourse”
Daria Panaiotti (Russia), “Between Exceptionalism and Inclusiveness: Building Narratives of Soviet Photography in a Museum Practice”
Irene Bronner (South Africa), “At ‘Home’ with Maid, Mistress, Nanny, Child: Interrogating Tropes of Domestic Workers in Works by Two South African Artists”

Global Exiles and Connections
Chair: Katarzyna Cytlak,* art historian based in Argentina and Poland
Daniela Lucena (Argentina), “A Traveling Cartography of the Countercultural Circuit of Buenos Aires in the 80s”
Dária G. Jaremtchuk (Brazil), “Brazilian Artistic Exiles in the 1960s and 1970s”
Jean-Arsène Yao (Ivory Coast), “Almost Denied: Exclusion and the Afro-Uruguayan Community in the Work of Three Uruguayan Artists”

Critical Pedagogy in Art and Design
Chair: Pedith Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Eiman Elgibreen (Saudi Arabia), “The Pedagogy of Art History in Saudi Arabia: A One-Woman Show”
Saurabh Tewari (India), “Critical Pedagogy in Design in India”
Priya Maholay-Jaradi (Singapore), “Critical Pedagogy in Art History: A View from Singapore”

*Katarzyna Cytlak stepped in just before the conference to replace Cristian Nae, who was unable to attend due to illness.

Global Conversations 2020
Alumni Session at Annual Conference

Things Aren’t Always as They Seem: Art History and the Politics of Vision
Chair: Nazar Kozak,* Ethnology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
Abiodun Akande (Nigeria), “Art hors Contexte: Historicizing African Art outside Its Original Cultural Context”
Pedith Chan (Hong Kong), “The Discourse of Guohua in Wartime China”
Iro Katsaridou (Greece), “Towards a Public Art History?”
Nóra Veszprémi (Hungary), “Old Paintings, New Lives: The Afterlife of Nineteenth-Century History Paintings after the Dissolution of the Habsburg Empire”

*Nazar Kozak stepped in just before the conference to replace Cristian Nae, who was unable to attend due to illness.



Danielle Becker (South Africa), Federico Freschi (South Africa/New Zealand), Georgina G. Gluzman (Argentina), Richard Gregor (Slovakia), Alison Kearney (South Africa), Sandra Križić Roban (Croatia), Peju Layiwola (Nigeria), Daniela Lucena (Argentina), Priya Maholay-Jaradi (Singapore), Ana Mannarino (Brazil), Parul Dave Mukherji (India), Cristian Nae (Romania), Márton Orosz (Hungary), Daria Panaiotti (Russia), Valeria Paz Moscoso (Bolivia), Judy Peter (South Africa), Horacio Ramos Cerna (Peru), Nóra Veszprémi (Hungary/UK), Giuliana Vidarte (Peru) (photographs provided by the participants)

Global Conversations 2021
Tenth Anniversary Reunion Sessions presented online as part of CAA’s first virtual Annual Conference

Global Conversations I
The Migration of Art and Ideas
Chair: Georgina G. Gluzman, CONICET, University of Buenos Aires
Georgina G. Gluzman (Argentina), “‘Home Is Where the Heart Is’: Foreign Women Artists in Argentine Art History”
Richard Gregor (Slovakia), “Movement inside the Flow of Images”
Peju Layiwola (Nigeria), “Revolutionizing Metal Sculpture: A Hybridization of Junk and Ingenuity”
Priya Maholay-Jaradi (Singapore), “Flows of Objects and Ideas: A Government of India Donation for University of Malaya Art Museum, Singapore (1959)”
Discussant: Frederick M. Asher, University of Minnesota

Guest Scholars (in preliminary online discussions): Catherine Dossin, Purdue University; Jean Borgatti, Clark University (emerita); Steven Mansbach, University of Maryland; Monica Juneja, University of Heidelberg

Global Conversations II
The Climate Crisis, Pandemics, Art, and Scholarship
Chair: Judy Peter, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Giuliana Vidarte (Peru), “Environmental Crisis, Technology, and the Intelligence of Nature in the Amazon: Case Studies of the Installations Desbosque; Unearthing Signs and Fireflies Memorial”
Márton Orosz (Hungary), “A Planetary Folklore against Contamination: Victor Vasarely in Cleveland”
Cristian Nae (Romania), “Anthropocene and Capitalocene: Soil, Land, and Territory in the Artistic Research of Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan”
Judy Peter (South Africa), “Agenda 2030—COVID-19: A Cutoff Date for Colonial Distancing and Disinfecting Pedagogies in Global Visual Art Histories”
Discussant: Anne Collins Goodyear, Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Guest Scholars (in preliminary online discussions): Jens Andermann, New York University; Alan Braddock, College of William and Mary; T. J. Demos, University of California, Santa Cruz; Nicholas Mirzoeff, New York University

Global Conversations III
The Challenges, Disobediences, and Resistances of Art in the Transnational Imagination
Chair: Daniela Lucena, CONICET, University of Buenos Aires
Sandra Križić Roban (Croatia), “Stories that Need to Be Told: Forgotten Women’s Photography in Eastern Europe”
Daniela Lucena (Argentina), “Art and Revolution: The Experience of the Argentinian Concrete Avant-Garde”
Valeria Paz Moscoso (Bolivia), “Overcoming, Surviving, and Thriving as a Latin American Woman Artist in New York in the 1960s”
Discussant: Jacqueline Francis, California College of the Arts

Guest Scholars (in preliminary online discussions): Dorota Biczel, University of Houston; Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, Princeton University; Claire Raymond, Princeton University (visiting researcher); Hillary Robinson, Loughborough University

Global Conversations IV
Disruptive Pedagogies and the Legacies of Imperialism and Nationalism
Chair: Ana Mannarino, Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Parul Dave Mukherji (India), “Retooling Art History via Disruption: Postcolonialism Reconsidered”
Danielle Becker (South Africa), “Framing South African Art History as a Particular Aesthetic Language: Decolonization as a Process of Historical Recovery”
Ana Mannarino (Brazil), “The Discipline of Art History as a Domination Instrument: Possibilities of Revision Considering the Brazilian Case Study”
Federico Freschi (New Zealand), “Recast: Classical Casts, the Canon, and Constructive Iconoclasm”
Discussant: C. Jean Campbell, Emory University

Guest Scholars (in preliminary online discussions): Homi Bhabha, Harvard University; Michael Ann Holly, Clark Art Institute (emerita); Suzanne Blier, Harvard University; Roberto Conduru, Southern Methodist University

Global Conversations V
A Multiplicity of Perspectives at the Museum of Modern Art (in Conversation with Curators at MoMA)
Chair: Alison Kearney University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Alison Kearney, “Intradisciplinary Dialogues in the Museum: What Can Curators Learn from Artists’ Practices?”
Daria Panaiotti (Russia), “Advocating the New: Contemporary Art in Light of Museum Tradition”
Horacio Ramos Cerna (Peru), “Out of Place: Indigenous Arts Decenter the Modern Art Survey”
Nóra Veszprémi (Hungary), “How to Look Past ‘isms’”

Guest Curators (who participated in preliminary online discussions): Sean Anderson, Museum of Modern Art, New York (MoMA); Mpho Matsipa, Studio X, South Africa; Patricia Marroquin Norby, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Beverly Adams, MoMA; Sara Bodinson, MoMA; Heidi Hirschl Orley, MoMA; Iwona Blazwick, Whitechapel Gallery; Anne Umland, MoMA; Christophe Cherix, MoMA