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Due to health and safety concerns and member feedback, the in-person component of CAA’s 110th Annual Conference will now be virtual. The dates and schedule will remain the same. The conference will take place through two live virtual components, the first from February 16–19 and the second from March 3–5. Most sessions will be recorded, and all recordings will remain available through April 14. The virtual Book and Trade Fair will open February 16 and be accessible until April 14.

February 16–19, 2022, virtual* (Zoom)
March 3–5, 2022, virtual (Zoom)
April 14, end of access to recorded content

*Minor schedule changes may occur; please check back for updates.

General Information

The year 2021 has marked a period of discovery at CAA. We have used this time to assess members’ needs and wants and then to create a sustainable model for the future of our organization. The Annual Conference is a major part of our transformation, a program that strengthens and engages our overall membership. Members have expressed the value of a smaller, more digestible conference and in-person convening and the flexibility and accessibility that a virtual format provides. We have worked diligently to provide an experience that meets your expectations.  

Based on the information and the recent feedback we’ve received from members with concerns about convening in person, the recent rapid development of the Omicron COVID variant, and the uncertainty of the weeks and months ahead, we have decided to make the CAA 2022 Annual Conference entirely virtual while also maintaining the scheduled dates. 

All in-person sessions and activities scheduled for February 16-19 in Chicago will now be virtual sessions on the same dates. Virtual sessions and activities scheduled for March 3-5 will remain the same. Most sessions will be recorded and all recordings will remain available through April 14.   

This updated format will provide increased access to virtual content, allowing conference attendance to expand beyond boundaries and embrace a global audience. Individuals can hear session content on their own schedule between teaching, family care, and other obligations.  

The 2022 Annual Conference program offers content critical to our time on climate change, pandemic responses and pedagogy, and social justice issues. CAA will celebrate and promote the 50th anniversary of the feminist art movement, offering a selection of sessions and programs on women in the arts. As an organization, we emphasize diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Highlighting these sessions and incorporating this work is of paramount importance to our mission.  

The conference opens on February 16 with 140 virtual live sessions to be held in Zoom from February 17–19, and 60 virtual live sessions to be held in Zoom from March 3–5. Access to recorded content will be available through April 14. The Book & Trade Fair will be virtual.  

We invite you to join us for CAA 2022 and register now!  


Each year, we offer sessions at the conference created from submissions by individual members, committees, and affiliated societies. The Annual Conference Committee and  Council of Readers review hundreds of submissions each year. In their selection process, they work to create as broad a program as possible. CAA and its talented membership drive scholarship at CAA and therefore the field forward. We acknowledge and greatly appreciate the important work by all these individuals in the creation and production of our Annual Conference.  

Note on Content Threads

For CAA 2022, submitters identified whether their content fell into three content threads. Selecting a thread was not required and did not impact the selection process or the formulation of the conference program.   

This page was updated on January 7, 2022. Please check back for updates!