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Spring 2016 Art Journal: Astrophysics to Arctic

posted by Christopher Howard — May 05, 2016

An astrophysical dog who travels to and escapes from a black hole is the protagonist of Julia Oldham’s The Loneliest Place, an artist’s project featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Art Journal.

The issue, the first in the editorship of Rebecca M. Brown of Johns Hopkins University, also features Emma Chubb’s essay on small-boat Mediterranean migration in the work of Isaac Julien; Natilee Harren’s exploration of Fluxboxes, the confounding commodities produced by Fluxus artists in the 1960s; and a seven-author forum on diversity and difference, moderated by Jordana Moore Saggese.

The Reviews section examines books by Gil Z. Hochberg, Jay Murphy, and Anthony Gardner; an annotated bibliography by James Walsh takes a sidelong look at the arctic plants of New York City.