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posted by CAA — Feb 06, 2019

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Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act label from Denver Museum of Nature and Science (via Erin L. Thompson), featured in “Exhibiting Absence.”

Study Finds Art Museums Are Slowly Becoming More Diverse, but Progress Is ‘Uneven’

There has been little change in diversity among senior leadership. (Smithsonian Magazine)

Ten Creative Courses You Can Take for Free Online

Ten classes—tackling topics from biohacking the brain to the importance of play—to help enhance your creativity. (Artsy)

Colleges Grapple with Racist Histories after Governor Northam Controversy

“The bigger issue is systemic. At some point soon we will be forced into a real conversation about what education reparations look like.” (Inside Higher Ed)

States Increase Higher Education Funding by 3.7%

While the overall figure comes as good news, there is considerable variation in support for higher education across the states. (Forbes)

Exhibiting Absence

“Calling attention to absence is a good thing. It can show the way that the history of collecting and subsequent museum use shapes the history we can or can’t tell.” (Medium)

Three Ways Art History Needs to Change in 2019

As an interdisciplinary subject, art history is full of opportunities. (Artsy)

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