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Abstracts and Directory of Attendees for the 2014 Annual Conference

posted by Emmanuel Lemakis — Feb 05, 2014

Registrants for the 2014 Annual Conference in Chicago can now download a PDF of Abstracts 2014, which summarizes the contents of hundreds of papers and talks that were presented in program sessions. They can also search the online 2014 Directory of Attendees, which contains the names and contact information of those who registered by the early and advance deadlines.

Reading the abstracts in advance can help you plan your daily schedule at the conference. Program sessions are alphabetized by the chair’s last name and appear in the contents pages (4–10). An index in the back of the publication names all the speakers. Alternatively, use your Adobe Reader to conduct a keyword search for terms relevant to your interests. Similarly, the Directory of Attendees helps with networking during and communication after the conference.

To access the two publications, registrants can log into their CAA account, click the “Conference Registrant Information” image, and then click the Abstracts and/or Directory of Attendees icon. The Abstracts and Directory of Attendees are part of the registration package; there is no added cost to paid or complimentary registrants for access to these publications.

Conference attendees who purchase single-time slot tickets, or those who want the Abstracts but are not coming to Chicago, may attain the document for a charge: $30 for CAA members and $35 for nonmembers. The Abstracts and Directory of Attendees will remain on the CAA website for download or sale through July 31, 2014.

Beginning with the 2010 conference in Chicago, CAA offers its Abstracts exclusively as a PDF download. Past issues of the printed publication from 1999 to 2009 are also available. The cost per copy is $30 for CAA members and $35 for nonmembers. For more information and to order, please contact Roberta Lawson, CAA office coordinator.

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