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posted by Christopher Howard — Jun 08, 2016

Each week CAA News publishes summaries of eight articles, published around the web, that CAA members may find interesting and useful in their professional and creative lives.

The Disappearing Humanities Jobs

The arrival of annual reports on the job market in various humanities fields this year left many graduate students depressed about their prospects and professors worried about the futures of their disciplines. This week, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences released several new collections of data that show that these declines, part of a continuing pattern, are far more dramatic when viewed over a longer time frame. (Read more from Inside Higher Ed.)

How Campus Policies Limit Free Speech

Colleges and universities are supposed to be places where freedom of expression flourishes. Sadly, that is not the case. At a recent debate at Yale University, 66 percent of the attendees supported a proposition that “free speech is threatened.” Yet places of higher learning seem more interested in “safe spaces” rather than in freedom of expression. (Read more from the Conversation.)

New White Paper on 3D Scanning and (the Lack of) Copyright

It may come as a surprise, but in many cases 3D scans will not be protected by copyright. This does not mean that scans are not important, but it does mean that people making and distributing scans should understand what rights they do—and do not—have in those scans. (Read more from Shapeways Blog.)

The Conflict around Diversity at AAM

This year’s American Alliance of Museums conference made a significant effort to meaningfully engage with issues of diversity and the inclusion of historically underrepresented populations. Among the most visible gesture was the Alliance Resource Center, which held gatherings and workshops in the MuseumExpo Hall throughout the conference that specifically targetied bias in hiring practices, the politics of unpaid internships, and the mechanics of credentialing. (Read more from Hyperallergic.)

US Senate Committee Submits Private Museum Findings to IRS

In November, the Senate Finance Committee sent a letter to eleven museums set up by collectors asking about their opening hours, attendance figures, and the role of the founders in day-to-day operations. Six months later, the results are in. (Read more from the Art Newspaper.)

Artspeak: On Press Releases

Language binds humanity together. Which language we speak forms our community and identity and ultimately shapes our worldview. I believe language—communication in all forms—is meant to bring us together. What use are my words if you do not understand them? (Read more from Burnaway.)

Why You Weren’t Picked

There are two major downsides to not getting that tenure-track job you applied for. The second one is the less obvious but may be the more pernicious in the long run: no one will tell you why you weren’t chosen. (Read more from the Chronicle of Higher Education.)

How to Avoid Being Misquoted by Journalists

Researchers are often wary of speaking to mainstream media outlets for fear of misrepresentation. There are certainly pressing issues with how journalists simplistically present research findings, but scholars that deliver a clear, on-target message can help to ensure their research doesn’t accidentally get lost in translation. (Read more from Impact Blog.)

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