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Meet the 2019 Wyeth Award Winners

posted by CAA — Nov 19, 2019

The Aztec Tonalpohualli Calendar, 1585, attributed to the 16th-century Mexican Jesuit Juan de Tovar. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Meet the Grantees

Since 2005, the Wyeth Foundation for American Art has supported the publication of books on American art through the Wyeth Foundation for American Art Publication Grant, administered by CAA. The 2019 grantees are:

  • Lucy Bradnock, No More Masterpieces: Modern Art After Artaud, Yale University Press
  • Elizabeth Ferrer, Critical Lens: A History of Latinx Photography, University of Washington Press
  • Kimberly Beil, Good Pictures: A History of Popular Photography, Stanford University Press
  • Elizabeth Boone, Descendants of Aztec Pictography: The Cultural Encyclopedias of Sixteenth Century Mexico, The University of Texas Press

Read a list of all recipients of the Wyeth Foundation for American Art Publication Grant from 2005 to the present.


For the Wyeth Foundation for American Art Publication Grant, “American art” is defined as art created in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Eligible for the grant are book-length scholarly manuscripts in the history of American art, visual studies, and related subjects that have been accepted by a publisher on their merits but cannot be published in the most desirable form without a subsidy. The deadline for the receipt of applications is September 15 of each year.

Process, Materials, and Checklist


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