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Leading the Full Life: A Special Feature on Balancing Career and Family

posted by Christopher Howard — Sep 29, 2009

CAA News is pleased to present a special web-only feature article, Leading the Full Life: Balancing Career and Family, based on a roundtable discussion of the same name that took place at the 2009 CAA Annual Conference in Los Angeles. Participants in the discussion, led by an artist, Marie Thibeault, and an art historian, Nicola Courtright, talked about the possibilities, successes, and troubles of balancing a professional life as an artist or academic with personal goals of having a family and raising children.

Afterward, Thibeault asked a number of artists—nine women and one man—to write about their experiences of being a parent while maintaining an active art practice. The participating artists for “Leading the Full Life” are Constance Mallinson, Hagop Najarian, Amy Thornberry, Sandra Dal Poggetto, Virginia Katz, Philippa Blair, Nancy Curran, Hilary Norcliffe, Tera Galanti, and Christina Shurts.

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