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Art Journal Unveils Website

posted by Joe Hannan — Feb 09, 2011

CAA has introduced a new website for Art Journal, its quarterly publication of modern and contemporary art. The launch coincides with the start of CAA’s Centennial year.

Katy Siegel, editor-in-chief of Art Journal, writes that the website “both acknowledges current material conditions of art and publishing, and honors the journal’s unique nature…. Rather than attempting to be another rapidly changing aggregator of information, the site will make visible and maintain the dense artistic and scholarly content of Art Journal in print, hopefully serving a need in the international arts community.”

The debut site features free selections from the print journal as well as content created specifically for the site. An essay by the painter David Reed, “Soul-Beating,” relates his first encounters with his mentor and friend Philip Guston and explores their shared fascination with the work of Piero della Francesca. Also from the print edition, a review by the writer and critic Lauren O’Neill-Butler examines the recently published notebooks of the artist Lee Lozano.

The initial web-only offerings are an essay by Howard Singerman, the journal’s reviews editor, on the history and shifting identity of Art Journal, and selected features from its extensive archive, each with a short introduction by a member of the journal’s editorial board. In coming months, the Art Journal site will grow to include time-based art discussed in articles, online artists’ projects, and more conversational modes of scholarship and discourse.

The Art Journal site was generously funded by a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Katherine Behar, an artist and assistant professor of new media at Baruch College, will oversee the site. Lauren Cornell of Rhizome advised the organizers, and Brendan Dugan of Supervision Art Service designed the site.

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