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CAA Celebrates Its Fifty-Year Members

posted by Christopher Howard — Jan 27, 2012

CAA warmly thanks the many contributions of the following dedicated members who joined CAA in 1961 or earlier. This year, the annually published list welcomes fourteen new members. Twelve are distinguished scholars and curators whose teaching, publications, and exhibitions have shaped the history of art over the last fifty years. The other two are celebrated artists: G. Kendall Shaw, a painter and former professor based in Brooklyn who showed recent work in a solo exhibition in New York this past fall; and Conrad H. Ross, a printmaker who lives and works in Alabama, where he taught at Auburn University for many years.

1961: Matthew Baigell; Malcolm Campbell; Margaret Diane David; W. Bowdoin Davis Jr.; David Farmer; J. D. Forbes; Isabelle Hyman; Henry A. Millon; Clifton C. Olds; Marion E. Roberts; David Rosand; Conrad H. Ross; G. Kendall Shaw; and Alan Shestack.

1960: Shirley N. Blum; Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt; David C. Driskell; Mojmir S. Frinta; Dan F. Howard; W. Eugene Kleinbauer; Edward W. Navone; Linda Nochlin; and J. J. Pollitt.

1959: Edward Colker; Geraldine Fowle; Edith M. Hoffman; Carol H. Krinsky; James F. O’Gorman; Charles S. Rhyne; and Ann K. Warren.

1958: Samuel Y. Edgerton Jr.; Damie Stillman; and Clare Vincent.

1957: Marcel M. Franciscono; Bruce Glaser; William C. Loerke; Susan R. McKillop; and John F. Omelia.

1956: Svetlana L. Alpers; Norman W. Canedy; John Goelet; Joel Isaacson; John M. Schnorrenberg; and Jack J. Spector.

1955: Lola B. Gellman; Irving Lavin; Marilyn A. Lavin; and Suzanne Lewis.

1954: Franklin Hamilton Hazlehurst; Patricia C. Loud; Thomas McCormick; Jules D. Prown; Jane E. Rosenthal; Irving Sandler; Lucy Freeman Sandler; Harold E. Spencer; and A. Richard Turner.

1953: Dorathea K. Beard; Margaret McCormick; John W. Straus; and Jack Wasserman.

1951: Wen C. Fong; and Carl N. Schmalz Jr.

1950: Jane Dillenberger; Alan M. Fern; and Marilyn J. Stokstad.

1949: Dario A. Covi; Norman B. Gulamerian; and Ann-Sofi Lindsten.

1948: William S. Dale; Clarke H. Garnsey; and Peter H. Selz.

1947: Dericksen M. Brinkerhoff; David G. Carter; Ellen P. Conant; Ilene H. Forsyth; and J. Edward Kidder Jr.

1946: Mario Valente.

1945: James Ackerman; Paul B. Arnold; and Rosalie B. Green.