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New and Updated Standards and Guidelines

posted by CAA — Nov 11, 2013

In line with CAA’s practice to update regularly its Standards and Guidelines for professional practices in the visual arts, the Board of Directors approved one new and four revised guidelines at its meeting on October 27, 2013. The Professional Practices Committee, chaired by Jim Hopfensperger of Western Michigan University, worked with subcommittees over the past several years to revise these guidelines. DeWitt Godfrey, CAA vice president for committees and president-elect of CAA, presented the documents to the CAA Board of Directors for approval.

Guidelines for CAA Interviews

Guidelines for CAA Interviews, an updated version of Etiquette for CAA Interviewers, was developed by the Ad Hoc Committee on Guidelines for CAA Interviews, chaired by Jim Hopfensperger. It was formulated to protect the interests of applicants and of hiring institutions and to provide both with an awareness of their separate responsibilities during the interview process.

Guidelines for Part-Time Professional Employment

The intent of Guidelines for Part-Time Professional Employment is to encourage the fair and equitable treatment of all part-time employees in the visual arts, to advocate for those who may be very modestly compensated for their work, and to ensure that part-time employees are not hired to replace and/or diminish the number of full-time employees at an institution. Thomas Berding of Michigan State University and John Richardson of Wayne State University co-chaired the ad hoc committee that developed these guidelines.

Guidelines for Presenting Works in Digital Format

A new document, Guidelines for Presenting Works in Digital Format, was developed to assist visual-arts professionals with the presentation and review of artistic works using digital technologies. These guidelines aim to provide individuals and institutions with recommendations for formatting, handling, screening, and exhibiting time-based works and still images using digital technology. Dana Clancy of Boston University chaired the task force to create these new guidelines.

Statement Concerning the Deaccession of Works of Art

Developed by the Museum Committee, chaired by N. Elizabeth Schlatter of the University of Richmond, the Statement Concerning the Deaccession of Works of Art addresses the deaccession of artworks of from the collections of museums or other institutions or entities that function as public trusts and suggests best practices for these public trusts when they consider removing works from their collections.

Standards for Professional Placement

Standards for Professional Placement, last updated in 2012, was developed to protect the interests of both applicants and hiring institutions during the placement process and to allow both to know their separate responsibilities. Jim Hopfensperger chaired the ad hoc committee that updated these standards.

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