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Books Published by CAA Members

posted by CAA — Dec 15, 2013

Publishing a book is a major milestone for artists and scholars—browse a list of recent titles below.

Books Published by CAA Members appears every two months: in February, April, June, August, October, and December. To learn more about submitting a listing, please follow the instructions on the main Member News page.

December 2013

David S. Areford. The Art of Empathy: The Mother of Sorrows in Northern Renaissance Art and Devotion (London: D. Giles, 2013).

Kathryn Brown, ed. The Art Book Tradition in Twentieth-Century Europe (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2013).

Donna Gustafson and Susan Sidlauskas. Striking Resemblance: The Changing Art of Portraiture (New York: DelMonico/Prestel; New Brunswick, NJ: Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, 2014).

Marsha Meskimmon and Dorothy C. Rowe, eds. Women, the Arts, and Globalization: Eccentric Experience (Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, 2013).

Griselda Pollock, ed. Visual Politics of Psychoanalysis: Art in Post-Traumatic Cultures (London: I. B. Tauris, 2013).

Perri Lee Roberts. The Material of Culture: Medals and Textiles from the Ulrich A. Middeldorf Collection (Athens: Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, 2013).

Dorothy C. Rowe. After Dada: Marta Hegemann and the Cologne Avant-Garde (Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, 2013).

Deanna Sirlin. She’s Got What It Takes: American Women Artists in Dialogue (Milan, Italy: Charta, 2013).

Rosanne Somerson and Mara Hermano, eds. The Art of Critical Making: Rhode Island School of Design on Creative Practice (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2013).

Mónica Domínguez Torres. Military Ethos and Visual Culture in Post-Conquest Mexico (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2013).

Dennis Wardleworth. William Reid Dick, Sculptor (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2013).