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A new collaboration with Designers & Books will bring special discounts for an array of books and journals on art, architecture, design, and photography to CAA members. This ongoing program, called the Online Book Fair, features new and backlisted books as well as rare and out-of-print titles released by important publishers in the visual arts.

Designer & Books, a website that advocates for books as important sources of creative inspiration, will update the Online Book Fair with new publishers, books, and book dealers every month. The following participants have signed up already and offer various special discounts for their products, new and used, to CAA members:

Payment and checkout occur on the website of each individual publisher, which gives you the chance to browse for additional books and sign up for email newsletters and social-media updates. To receive the special discounts noted above, use this CAA code when checking out: 14BJXAA.

Designers & Books hope you will find the Online Book Fair to be an enjoyable place to browse and discover books and to build your personal library. If publishers or books that you are interested do not appear on the site, you can send an email with your suggestions.

The Online Book Fair will be featured on the Membership Partners page of the CAA website with an updated list of participants and discounts.


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