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New and Forthcoming in CAA’s Journals

posted by Joe Hannan — Jun 23, 2015

Here is what is new and forthcoming in CAA’s three scholarly journals. inaugurates a new field of coverage with “Reflections on Digital Art History” by art historian Pamela Fletcher. Editor-in-chief David Raskin provides an introduction to the essay including these statements: “The digital humanities is an emerging field that promises to merge technology with interpretative creativity, to create entirely new types of scholarly perspectives and methods for visualizing data. $500 loan online payday same day. Fletcher identifies two existing categories of projects that are already showing potential: archival modeling and visual data analysis. The former seeks to assemble tremendous detail in one central location, such as every document directly tied to Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s art, while the latter seeks to make complicated time and space relationships comprehensible, such as the evolving physical plant of Auschwitz-Birkenau during World War II. The scholarship is inspiring, since it is these pioneers who are setting the course we will all soon travel.”

Art Journal Open and Art Journal

Last week Art Journal Open added two interviews to its growing content. “Broken Dishes: Kate Gilmore in Conversation with Dina Deitsch” is the second installment of a series in which Deitsch explores the creative process with artists whose work she has selected for exhibitions. She speaks with Gilmore about her performance and installation Like This, Before (2013), from the exhibition Paint Things: Beyond the Stretcher, which Deitsch and Evan Garza organized for the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The page features striking video of the performance. In “Immemorial: The Poetics of AIDS; A Conversation with Rudy Lemcke,” the artist and scholar Tina Takemoto interviews Lemcke, a San Francisco-based artist best known for works that captured the sensibilities of the early stages of the AIDS crisis. Lemcke’s work is featured in the larger thematic exhibition Art AIDS America, which just opened in Los Angeles at the West Hollywood Library and One Archive Gallery and Museum. During the next year, the show will travel to museums in Tacoma, Washington, Kennesaw, Georgia, and the Bronx, New York.

Art Journal

The next issue of the quarterly Art Journal will have a special focus on the work of the pioneering artist Carolee Schneemann. Over a fifty-year career, she has consistently been at forefront of experimental art—as filmmaker, performance artist, creator of media installations, and feminist artist. The centerpiece of the issue is “The Kitch Portfolio,” for which the artist has compiled thirty pages of previously unpublished artworks, photographs, journal entries, letters, and other archival works pertaining to a central presence in her work from the mid-1950s through 1976, the feline artist and performer Kitch. Two essays on Schneemann’s work by Thyrza Nichols Goodeve and Kenneth White are also featured. The issue includes an essay by Kerr Houston on Richard Serra’s 1966 renunciation of painting, as well as reviews of books by Sharon Kivland, Sharon Louden, Stephen Wright, and Todd Cronan. It will publish in print and online in early July.

The Art Bulletin

Don’t miss these essays published in the June issue of The Art Bulletin: “Building and Writing San Lorenzo in Florence: The Architect, The Biographer, The Patron, and The Prior” by Marvin Trachtenberg, “Van Dyck Between Master and Model” by Adam Eaker, “Rococo Representations of Interspecies Sensuality and the Pursuit of Volupté” by Jennifer Milam, and “Félix Vallotton’s Murderous Life” by Bridget Alsdorf. The September issue of The Art Bulletin publishes its first digital supplement to a feature article in the online version of “Performing the Jeweled Pagoda Mandalas: Relics, Reliquaries, and a Realm of Text” by Halle O’Neal.

Taylor & Francis Online

In addition to their print subscription(s), CAA members receive online access to current and back issues of Art Journal and The Art Bulletin. Taylor & Francis also provides complimentary online access to Word and Image, Digital Creativity, and Public Art Dialogue for CAA members. To access these journals, please log into your account at and click the link to the CAA Online Publications Platform on Taylor & Francis Online