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posted by CAA — Sep 27, 2017

Scott Winterrowd
Greetings from Marfa, 2015
Ro2 Art

Each week CAA News summarizes articles, published around the web, that CAA members may find interesting and useful in their professional and creative lives.

Corrective curatorial practice? Sensationalizing sexuality to boost attendance figures? Can the most transgressive feminist art practices really be exhibited for reasons founded on the intrinsic value of the work alone?

Featuring feminist content previously held to be too graphic may raise more questions than anticipated. “Frieze Frame: Graphic Sex and Female Sexuality under Spotlight at Art Fair.” (Read more from The Guardian).

The New Age self-help movement meets art.

Proving again that our culture regards creativity as a path to the authentic self and a means to counteract the lack of inspiration provided by our daily life. Scott Indrisek, “Find Your Inner Donald Judd at Marfa’s New Art Camp for Adults.” (Read more from Artsy).

Civil Identity and Art

The exercise of cultural policy on a massive urban scale is being implemented and explored in cities besides Los Angeles with its mega-multi-exhibition Pacific Standard Time program. Consider the interviews conducted by Sophia Olivia Sanan in “A Tale of Cultural Policy in Four African Cities.” (Read more from This Is Africa).

Making art accessible to as many publics as possible.

The seeds of social practice and cultural policy in art education, related to the legacy of Jane Addams’s Hull House, are discussed by Lisa Lee, Director of the School of Art and Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with the hosts of the Bad at Sports podcast. Episode 600: Lisa Lee. (Read more from Bad at Sports).

The world’s first painted feature film.

Receiving standing ovations at film festivals and with assistance from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Loving Vincent incorporates almost 1,000 separate canvases to consider the artist’s last days. Eileen Kinsella, “How Two Directors, 125 Artists, and Some ‘Crazy-Rich’ Van Gogh Fans Made ‘Loving Vincent’ the World’s First Painted Feature Film.” (Read more from Artnet).

Pacific Standard Time Sampler.

The latest edition of Southern California’s multivenue exhibition project has debuted with plenty of press coverage. Here is an assessment of just one of the exhibitions comprising Pacific Standard Time LA/LA. Julian Kreimer, “Drastic Times.” (Read more from Art in America).

Why does art make you feel so much?

The answer resides in your brain as much as what is unfolding before your senses. The inquiry is increasingly a focus of neuroaestheticians now discovering answers about the fundamental attractions of creativity. Sarah L. Kaufman et al., “This Is Your Brain On Art.” (Read more from The Washington Post).

The birth of the art market. 

An exhibition tracing the origins of the art market details how artists, dealers, and the buying public established the mechanisms that still characterize the contemporary system. “Exhibition Devoted to the Birth of the Art Market in the Dutch Golden Age Opens.”  (Read more from artdaily).

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