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Richard Lubben

posted by CAA — Nov 30, 2017


I believe the current and future direction of CAA should focus, in part, on how to remain relevant and supportive to our membership.  This includes strengthening our online presence, and developing innovative programs to better support the participation and recruitment of international institutions and members.  This direction also aligns with CAA’s commitment to diversity, and broadens the discussion and perspective on scholarship, pedagogy, curriculum and creative practice.

With a background in studio arts, and administrative experience as a community college Arts Dean, I would also advocate for more dialogue around some of the issues and challenges that might be specific to studio artists, community college faculty, and 2-year college administration.  The CAA Board does not currently include a member representing community colleges; however, there are thousands of 2-year college individual members, and many more potential members associated with the nearly 1500 community colleges across the United States.

As a CAA Board member I would also offer my experience and passion for advocacy.  One current challenge many colleges and universities are experiencing is how to effectively communicate and defend the value of art programs and curriculum in times of budget shortages, and changes in some state-level general education requirements.   These types of challenges are especially relevant to many of our community college members, as well as colleges and universities struggling with declining enrollment.

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Filed under: Board of Directors, Governance