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posted by CAA — May 22, 2019

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One of the 13 murals that make up “The Life of Washington” at George Washington High School in San Francisco. Photo: Jim Wilson/New York Times

These High School Murals Depict an Ugly History. Should They Go?

The San Francisco school board will make a decision about the thirteen murals that make up “The Life of Washington” this spring. (New York Times)

Western Museums Have a Surplus of Art by White Men. Now Some Are Selling It Off to Correct Their Historical Biases

The work of three North American museums may offer a blueprint. (artnet News)

CalArts Students Collaborate with Cooper Union Alumni in Their Fight Against Rising Tuition

After CalArts announced a tuition hike in March, students have been participating in a bigger conversation around the transparency and values of arts institutions. (Hyperallergic)

Money, Ethics, Art: Can Museums Police Themselves?

“In the space of barely a year, the very foundations of museums—the money that sustains them, the art that fills them, the decision makers that run them—have been called into question. And there’s no end to questioning in sight.” (New York Times)

How to Build How to Build a College Art Collection on a Budget of Fumes

A great resource from Hudson County Community College, which has grown its collection to over 1,200 artworks since 2006. (RAAMP)

Why Female Artists Have Used the Self-Portrait to Demand Their Place in Art History

Female self-portraiture has changed dramatically over time, but it continues to transgress expectations. (Artsy)

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