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posted by CAA — May 29, 2019

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Kehinde Wiley, Portrait of Moerai Matuanui, 2019. Courtesy Templon, Paris & Brussels, © 2019 Kehinde Wiley, via artnet News

Artist Kehinde Wiley’s Latest Paintings Are a Progressive Riposte to Paul Gauguin’s Primitivist Portraits of Tahitians

“My job as a looker, as a creator, as a thinker, is to somehow imagine a newness within that bankrupt vocabulary.” (artnet News)

Last-Minute Tenure Threat

A professor’s future at the University of Mississippi was uncertain as the statewide governing board debated his social media record. (Inside Higher Ed)

Decolonizing and Diversifying Are Two Different Things: A Workshop Case Study

A helpful explainer focused on decolonial pedagogical tools, adapted from a CAA 2019 workshop. (Art History Teaching Resources)

Want to Help Struggling College Students? Support the Low-Paid Staff Who Teach Them

A case for why untenured faculty are a 2020 campaign issue. (ThinkProgress)

Craft, Queer Art, and the Canon: Sheila Pepe on Moving Through the Margins

An interview with former CAA board member Sheila Pepe on art, queerness, and craft. (Artspace)

Smarthistory’s Expanding the Renaissance Initiative

A new initiative will work towards art histories that “do not present European art as superior and help to weaken the binary western/non-western paradigm.” (Smarthistory)

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