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posted by CAA — Jul 01, 2020

The Tsai Performance Center on the campus of Boston University, Boston. Photo: Steven Senne/AP, via WGBH

Upheaval Over Race Reaches Met Museum After Curator’s Instagram Post

A post by a longtime department chairman prompted a letter from staff on the museum’s “culture of systemic racism.” (New York Times)

College Leaders Must Explain Why—Not Just How—to Return to Campus

“I haven’t read a single announcement or plan that anchors an institution’s decisionmaking in shared community interests.” (Ed Surge)

What It Means to Be a Social Justice Curator

“Museums and institutions should be for the people; the question museums need to think about is how we can approach new viewers and welcome them into our spaces as active and equal audience members.” (Art in America)

Boston University Gives PhD Students A Choice: Come Back To Campus Or Lose Your Health Insurance And Salary

Doctoral students could be forced to take a leave of absence and lose their health insurance if they do not return to campus in the fall. (WGBH)

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