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CAA News Today

Last year we announced our administration of the Terra Foundation for American Art Research Travel Grants, providing support to doctoral, postdoctoral, and senior scholars from both the US and outside the US for research topics dedicated to the art and visual culture of the United States prior to 1980.

We’re delighted to announce twenty-four scholars have been awarded Terra Foundation for American Art Research Travel Grants in 2020. 

International Research Travel Grants for US-based Scholars 

Doctoral Scholars 

Zoë Colón, University of Delaware, “Human-Animal Collaboration and Resilience in Modern Native American Art”  

Katie Loney, University of Pittsburgh, “Lockwood de Forest, The Ahmedabad Wood Carving Company, and the Global Circulation of Luxury Goods” 

Colin Young, Yale University, “Desert Places: The Visual Culture of the Prairies and Pampas across the Nineteenth Century” 

Postdoctoral & Senior Scholars 

Catherine Damman, Wesleyan University, The Work of Art in the Age of Half-Hearted Reproducibility: Performance and Affective Labor in the 1970s  

Nika Elder, American University, John Singleton Copley and The Culture of Slavery  

Patricia Hills, Boston University, “Eastman Johnson Project”  

Joseph Larnerd, Drexel University, Undercut: Rich Cut Glass in Working-Class Life during the Gilded Age  

Emily Moore, Colorado State University, “Art of the Southern Tlingit”

Dalila Scruggs, Independent Scholar, “Activism in Exile: Elizabeth Catlett as Activist and Artist in the Global Sixties”   

International Research Travel Grants to the United States  

Doctoral Scholars

Gabriella BeckhurstUniversity College of LondonUnited Kingdom, “Leave No Trace: Environment, Identity and Affect in Artists’ Video, Photography and Performance” 

Julia Berghoff, Eberhard Karls University TübingenGermany, “US-American Landscape Painting in the 19th Century and the Interaction of Art and Science or the Question of Environmental Awareness” 

Jean CapeilleUniversity Paris 1 Panthéon-SorbonneFrance, “Vaudeville Culture and American Experimental Art (19601980)” 

Chloe Julius, University College of LondonUnited Kingdom, “On the Re-emergence of an Old Category: Precursors for 1990s ‘Jewish Art’ in Postwar American Art and Criticism” 

Victoria Marquez, University Paris 1 Panthéon-SorbonneFrance, “Art Exhibitions as a Diplomatic Instrument: France vs the United States in the Latin American Cultural Front”   

Postdoctoral & Senior Scholars 

Fiona Anderson, Newcastle UniversityUnited Kingdom, “Dog Years: Queer Solidarity, Urban Renewal, and New York’s Canine Imaginary”  

Vanessa BadagliaccaUniversidade Nova de LisboaPortugal, “Lighting up the Backstage: Heresies Journal and the Encounter with Art, Ecology and Feminism (1979-1981)”  

Luca Bochicchio, University of GenoaItaly, “Ceramic Sculpture at the End of Modernism: American and European Clay Revolution 1950s1960s” 

Sria Chatterjee, Max-Planck Kunsthistorisches InstitutGermany, “Modernist Countercultures: Cold War Ecologies of Art and Design between the United States and India”

Agustin Diez, Centro de Estudios EspigasArgentina, “Corporeal Translations: Performance and Media as Cultural Exchange between Buenos Aires and New York, 1961 to 1978” 

Jessica Gogan, Independent ScholarBrazil, “Radical Art and Pedagogy in the 1960s and 70s: Allan Kaprow and Herbert Kohl’s Project Other Ways, Berkeley, CA, 1969”   

Zhang Jian, China Academy of ArtChina, “Chinese Traditional Painting and American Modern Art in the Early 20th Century: An Investigation of Some American Modern Artists and Their Worlds of Chinese Art” 

Giulia Lamoni, Universidade Nova de LisboaPortugal, Heresies Magazine as a Transnational Space of Connection (1977-1981)”  

Stephanie Schwartz, University College of LondonUnited Kingdom, “The Native and the National: Documentary and Fascism in the Era of the New Deal” 

Monica Steinberg, University of Hong KongHong Kong, “Inventing Lives: Fictional Artistic Practice in the Shadow of Cold War Hollywood” 

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