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In Memoriam: Jacki Apple

posted by CAA — Jul 21, 2022

Photo by Jose Mandojana, courtesy of Jacki Apple’s estate

Born in New York in 1941, Jacki Apple was an artist, critic, producer, writer, and performer. She died at her home in Culver City, CA on June 8, 2022. Her artistic practice spanned media and disciplines, from installations, performance, and photography, to sound, film, artists books, conceptual works, and public art projects. Concerned with the politics of the environment and natural resources of species, she was an early figure in what has come to be known as eco-feminism. Read more about her life and career on her website and in an obituary written by Jeff McMahon for Artillery Magazine.

Apple received the Distinguished Teaching of Art Award from the CAA in 2012. She was also a dedicated member of CAA, having had roles in CAA’s Nominating Committee (2009-2010), Services to Artists Committee (2011-2014), and Distinguished Teaching of Art Award jury (2013-2016) in addition to participating in a number of CAA programs for artists. In addition, she attended CAA’s Annual Conference since the 1980s and since 1995 had organized many panels for artists and art historians on cutting-edge topics.

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