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Herb & Dorothy 50×50 Premieres in New York

posted by Nia Page — Sep 05, 2013

The new art documentary film Herb & Dorothy 50×50, the sequel to the beloved Herb & Dorothy, opens on September 13, 2013, at IFC Center in New York. Join Fine Line Media on the opening weekend for special appearances and postscreening Q&As by the director Megumi Sasaki, the art collector Dorothy Vogel, and prominent contemporary artists in the Vogel Collection.

Herb and Dorothy Vogel were two ordinary New Yorkers—a postal worker and librarian, respectively—who built a world-class collection of modern and contemporary art with their modest salaries and then donated it, in its entirety, to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. They never sold a piece for profit, and when the collection grew too large even for the National Gallery, the Vogels launched an unprecedented gift project that distributed fifty works of art to one museum in each of the fifty states in America—a total of 2,500 works.

Early-bird tickets for the screening of Herb & Dorothy 50×50 at IFC Theater can be purchased in advance. Use Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the film’s activities.

Following the New York premiere, the film will screen in forty theaters and museums across the United States; please see the full theater list for a location close to you. Fine Line Media would love to reach out to colleges and universities near these venues to see if there might be the possibility of joining forces to promote the film. Fine Line Media would also deeply appreciate the chance to connect with schools that do not have a screening planned near them to discuss the possibility of showing Herb & Dorothy 50×50 at their institution.

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