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posted by michaelh — Jun 30, 2017

Kaylee R. Spencer reads Megan O’Neil’s Engaging Ancient Maya Sculpture at Piedras Negras, Guatemala and Alexander Parmington’s Space and Sculpture in the Classic Maya City. Both “introduce elements of time and space in discussing how Maya art and architecture operated and expressed meaning” and “focus on viewer experience as an essential feature of the ways art and architecture construct ideology and manipulate onlookers’ movements.” Read the full review at
Meta DuEwa Jones reviews the exhibition catalogue James Baldwin in Turkey: Bearing Witness from Another Place, created by the Northwest African American Museum and “based on nearly thirty images of James Baldwin by Sedat Pakay.” Baldwin’s “intimate experiences in Turkey, documented in vivid and arresting images in the book, reveal these as equally important to the complex and composite picture of the artist.” Read the full review at
Marisa Anne Bass discusses Trading Values in Early Modern Antwerp, edited by Christine Göttler, Bart Ramakers, and Joanna Woodall, and Jan van Kassel I (1629–1679): Crafting a Natural History of Art in Early Modern Antwerp by Nadia Baadj.  The two “successful” publications “attempt to grapple with the question of why Antwerp should matter to the field at large, and they do this by engaging with two trends—the global and the material.” Read the full review at
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