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In July of this year, CAA was one of twenty-one education-related organizations from around the world that joined the Network for Education and Academic Rights (NEAR). NEAR posts information on its website,, concerning human rights in education and breaches of academic freedoms. It also sends alerts to member organizations so that they in turn can inform their respective members. CAA’s participation in NEAR is in keeping with its long-standing commitment to the support of academic freedom. In 1970, CAA adopted the American Association of University Professors’ 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure with 1970 Interpretive Comments, which promotes public understanding and support of academic freedom and tenure and agreement upon procedures to assure these protections in colleges and universities.

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The College Art Association supports all practitioners and interpreters of visual art and culture, including artists and scholars, who join together to cultivate the ongoing understanding of art as a fundamental form of human expression. Representing its members’ professional needs, CAA is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards of scholarship, creativity, connoisseurship, criticism, and teaching.