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Nozomi Naoi

posted by CAA — Dec 18, 2023


I would like to nominate myself, Nozomi Naoi to serve on the Board of Directors for CAA. I have always felt strongly about advocating for the arts in a global environment. I believe my professional experience in building a new college in Singapore and serving as Head of Studies of the Arts and Humanities major during its closure by 2025 makes me a strong candidate.

I built the arts curriculum and was part of setting up a new college in Singapore—a college that was co-founded by an American institution (Yale University) and the National University of Singapore (NUS)—and now I am managing its closure as the Head of Studies. This has given me a unique experience in creating an environment that truly envisions an international perspective from the start that is not just as a corrective measure and handling its continuation as I transition to NUS.

I believe my personal background as a Japanese national growing up in Tokyo through an international school system and receiving my BA from Carleton College and MA and PhD from Harvard University truly positions me as a strong candidate to bridge the national and international presence and advocacy of CAA. In addition, my research area of Japanese art history that straddles spheres of media studies, design history, commercial art, and studies of the Asian diaspora; my work with curatorial practice and museum exhibitions; and my experience going through the tenure process during the pandemic allows me to advocate for a diverse group of members in CAA.

My location in Singapore also brings a much-needed bridge between the North American core that CAA has well supported and the intellectual and arts community of the North/South East Asia and Oceania regions. I was elected as a board member candidate in the previous call and although I was not successful, many colleagues have reached out to me expressing their support and excitement for a candidate working on and in this region. This is why I have decided to nominate myself again.

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