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CAA Welcomes Four New Affiliated Societies

posted by Emmanuel Lemakis — Mar 17, 2011

At its February 2011 meeting, the CAA Board of Directors approved applications from four organizations to become affiliated societies, which are groups of art professionals and other organizations whose goals are generally consonant with those of CAA, with a view toward facilitating intercommunication and mutual enrichment.

Art, Literature, and Music in Symbolism and Decadence

Established in 2010, Art, Literature, and Music in Symbolism and Decadence (ALMSD) focuses on European culture from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. Working to demonstrate the philosophical connection between arts in different countries that were affected by Symbolist ideas, the organization facilitates the exchange of ideas among scholars through an annual newsletter and a conference held every four years at the Allerton Park and Retreat Center in Monticello, Illinois, or at other international locations.

Asian American Women Artists Association

The Asian American Women Artists Association (AAWAA), founded in 1989, is dedicated to the visibility and documentation of Asian American women in the arts. Through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs, the organization offers thought-provoking perspectives that challenge societal assumptions and promote dialogue. AAWAA activities include a resource portal; regular lectures in art, ethnic, and Asian American studies classes; thought-provoking exhibitions, panel discussions, literary readings, and workshops; and books and catalogues on Asian American women artists.

The Curator’s Network

A new organization established last year by Independent Curators International, the Curator’s Network brings together curators from around the world who want to share their work and exchange information with other professionals in the field. Among the sponsored activities are an online Curator’s Index; a forum for members to share information, called the Network Directory; and Dispatch, a bimonthly newsletter. More than one hundred curators have joined the network.

National Alliance of Artists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Founded in 2000, the National Alliance of Artists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (NAAHBCU) brings art and art education to the forefront of member institutions. It also provides comprehensive activities that offer opportunities for professional artists employed at member institutions. In addition, NAAHBCU highlights the artistic achievements of artists through exhibitions; provides scholarships for promising art majors; meets annually to confront issues that affect art departments at historically black colleges and universities; shares information on current technology, art history, and art trends; and disseminates employment opportunities.

CAA’s Directory of Affiliated Societies is currently accepting updates. If you are an officer or the official CAA contact for an organization, please send an updated text, in the same format as your current listing, to Lauren Stark, CAA manager of programs, either as a Word attachment or pasted in the body of an email.

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