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CAA Appoints New Committee Members and Chairs

posted by Christopher Howard — Jan 22, 2015

CAA’s nine Professional Interests, Practices, and Standards Committees welcome their newly appointed members, who will serve three-year terms (2015–18). In addition, three new chairs will take over committee leadership. New committee members and chairs will begin their terms at the 2015 Annual Conference in New York. CAA warmly thanks all outgoing committee members for their years of service to the organization.

A call for nominations for these committees appears annually from July to September in CAA News and on the CAA website. CAA’s president, vice president for committees, and executive director review all nominations in November and make appointments that take effect the following February. CAA’s vice president for committees is an ex officio member of all nine groups.

New Committee Members and Chairs

Committee on Diversity Practices: Ann Albritton, Ringling College of Art and Design; Mariola Alvarez, Washington College; Raél Jero Salley, University of Cape Town; and Edith Wolfe, Tulane University. The new chair is Christine Young-Kyung Hahn of Kalamazoo College.

Committee on Intellectual Property: Amy Ogata, University of Southern California.

Committee on Women in the Arts: Jenn Dierdorf, A.I.R. Gallery; Johanna Gosse, independent scholar, Seattle; Heather Belnap Jensen, Brigham Young University; Caitlin Margaret Kelly, Duke University; Miriam Schaer, Columbia College Chicago; and Jean Shin, Pratt Institute. Donna Moran of Pratt Institute is the new committee chair.

Education Committee: Kathleen Holko, Bruce Museum; Richard D. Lubben, South Texas College; and Christopher Ulivo, Santa Barbara City College.

International Committee: Alexandra Chang, Asian/Pacific/American Institute, New York University; and Fernando Luis Martínez Nespral, University of Buenos Aires.

Museum Committee: Jill Deupi, Lowe Art Museum; and Ivan Gaskell, Bard Graduate Center.

Professional Practices Committee: Susan Altman, Middlesex County College; Eunice Howe, University of Southern California; Walter Meyer, Santa Monica College; and Greg Shelnutt, Clemson University. Bruce Mackh of the University of Michigan has become the committee’s new chair.

Services to Artists Committee: Jan Christian Bernabe, Center for Art and Thought; and Carissa Carman, Indiana University.

Student and Emerging Professionals Committee: Tania Batley, Lefferts Historic House; Rachel Kreiter, Emory University; and Jenny Tang, Yale University.