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CAA Member Directory Launches Today

posted by Christopher Howard — Mar 15, 2010

The CAA Member Directory, now available online to current individual members, allows you to search for other members internationally. Search criteria include first and last name, organization or institution name, and city, state, and country. Those fields—as well as telephone number, email address, and website—are shown in your search results, unless an individual has opted out of the directory.

To review and update your contact information, including that which appears in the Member Directory, please log into your CAA account. Next, click the “Contact Info” link on the left side to review your contact information. Instructions on the page will help you choose an address for the Member Directory. You may prevent any information from appearing in the directory at any time by unchecking the “Directory” box for all addresses on your record.

If you have more than one valid address on your record, please choose which address to include in the directory. Organization and title will only be included with a business address. In addition, only your primary phone, email, and/or website address will be used regardless of which address you choose. You may also remove duplicate or outdated information.

Questions about the Member Directory? Please email CAA Member Services.

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