CAA News Today

Published since 1976, CAA News presents information on CAA’s activities, programs, and conference; articles on the arts and academia; member achievements; and more.

In September 2010, CAA News transformed from a bimonthly PDF download into a weekly email appearing every Wednesday. (The newsletter had been in print from 1976 to 2007, and from 2008 to 2009.) CAA News is sent to all members who have given CAA their email address. Nonmembers may also elect to receive the newsletter.

You may subscribe to or unsubscribe from CAA News at any time. To keep CAA News out of your spam folder, you may need to set your email preferences to allow messages from both and To provide your email address to CAA, log into your CAA account and update your Contact Info.

For more information about CAA News, please write to the editor. For email address changes and back issues, contact Member Services.

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