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Key Points from the CAA Membership Survey

posted by Nia Page — Mar 26, 2012

The results of CAA’s 2012 membership survey, sent to all active individual members, are now in. Over 1,600 members responded to the survey, which was open from January 25 to February 10, 2012, and the results are very enlightening. Several highlights include these findings:

  • Most CAA members (63 percent) joined when they were in graduate school
  • Almost half (48 percent) are faculty members at two- and four-year colleges or universities
  • The number-one reason why people initially joined CAA was to assist their job search
  • Job postings in the Online Career Center are the primary reason why people retain membership, followed by networking opportunities afforded by CAA
  • Most CAA members support a greater internet presence for the journals. About 72 percent would like an expanded online version of Art Journal, and 70 percent want to see The Art Bulletin on the web
  • Advocacy for the visual arts was voted the most important CAA function, with 67 percent of respondents rating it as “extremely important.” The Annual Conference and the Online Career Center tied for second place, with 58 percent each.
  • Only 17 percent of the CAA members who responded participate in CAA’s social networking on Twitter and Facebook
  • After CAA’s own publications, the most-read art periodicals by members are Art in America, ARTnews, and Artforum
  • The top-three advocacy issues for CAA members are government funding for the arts and humanities, freedom of expression and censorship, and intellectual-property rights (including the cost for image reproduction, fair use, and terms of copyright)
  • The majority of write-in comments addressed the costs of membership and the conference, but other recurring themes include the need to broaden CAA’s focus to embrace a wider range of disciplines and areas of interest, the need for further advocacy efforts, and the need for greater support for adjunct faculty

CAA greatly appreciates the feedback of its members.

As a service organization, CAA recognizes that knowing and responding to the professional needs of its constituents is vital to ensuring the effectiveness of the organization. In 2011, CAA contracted the services of an expert consultant, Raym Crow of the Chain Bridge Group, to help determine the future of its publications and membership program. The information gathered in the survey, and the resultant feedback from Crow, will be used by CAA leaders to help determine its priorities and potential directions.

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