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Recent Art Journal Features Lygia Pape Cover

posted by Christopher Howard — Mar 11, 2013

The most recent issue of Art Journal features an unusual wraparound cover. The front-and-back image is an interior spread from The Book of Creation Re-Created, a 1983 artist’s book by the influential Brazilian artist Lygia Pape (1927–2004). The spread, from an essay on Pape by Adele Nelson, is essentially turned inside out for the cover.

The cover encloses a remarkably diverse issue, which also features essays by Chris Balaschak on the photographer Garry Winogrand, by Pamela N. Corey on the the Vietnamese American artist Tuan Andrew Nguyen, by Bill Anthes on Edgar Heap of Birds, by Melissa Sue Ragain on early ecological art, and by Adward A. Vazquez on the work of Fred Sandback. Reviews of four important books in the arts, including one on Agnes Martin, appear as well. The Art Journal website features free selected content from the issue.

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