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Bookshelf: A New Series on Art Journal Open

posted by Alyssa Pavley — Jul 06, 2015

Art Journal Open has launched Bookshelf, a new series that asks a simple question: “What are you reading?” Each answer provides a glimpse into the contributor’s personal reading list, from academic publications and artist monographs to novels, memoirs, and travel guides. Two installments have appeared so far: Rebecca M. Brown, associate professor at Johns Hopkins University and incoming editor-in-chief of Art Journal, shares both the physical books on her shelf and the digital books on her Kindle. The Bookshelf of the artist Lenore Chinn is a fascinating mix of theoretical texts, art books, and biographies. To submit your own Bookshelf to Art Journal Open, send a brief description of what you’re reading and why, a list of the titles (including author, publisher, and year of publication), and a photograph of your books to

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