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Your Support Is Vital to the Arts

posted by CAA — Dec 02, 2016

Imagine our world without culture.

In today’s economy-driven society, it is easy to imagine a world where our past and present cultural history is ignoredor even worse, destroyed. We see educational systems focused more on science and technology and less on the arts and humanities, with art department budgets slashed and employment opportunities shrinking while student debt is rising to an all-time high and our collective historic cultural past is destroyed in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

That’s why the College Art Association is important. For more than a century, CAA has been the preeminent international leadership organization in the field of visual arts. We strive to create an environment where visual artists, art historians, designers, museum professionals, critics, and scholars successfully and freely create and prosper in their professional fields. We do this because we know if these professionals prosper, our culture will not only be preserved, it will thrive.

We ask that you join us in celebrating CAA’s rich history and prosperous future by making a tax-deductible gift to the organization. Your support goes directly to the programs we offer.

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Together, we can ensure that our culture is preserved.

Hunter O’Hanian
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

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