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posted by CAA — Aug 01, 2018

Josephine Meckseper, Untitled (Flag 2), 2017. Photo by Guillaume Ziccarelli. Courtesy of Creative Time via Artsy.

The Rise of Artistic Censorship on College Campuses Should Worry the American Public

Sarah McLaughlin from Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) writes on the recent controversy surrounding artist Josephine Meckseper’s artwork at University of Kansas, and the trend of censorship on college campuses at large. (Artsy)

‘The Reaction Has Been Overwhelming’: Susan Unterberg Comes Forward as a Major Anonymous Patron of Female Artists

Since 1996 the Anonymous Was a Woman award has provided $5.5 million in grants to female artists aged over 40. (artnet News)

Archiving While Black

“In more than one instance, I have looked up from my research to see paintings of white men famous for committing heinous acts against indigenous communities, or racist artifacts displayed proudly as if devoid of the context in which they were produced.” (Chronicle of Higher Ed)

Debt-Ridden Students Claim For-Profit Art Institutes Defrauded Them With Predatory Lending Practices

As the Art Institutes closes 18 campuses, students claim to have been defrauded by high tuition costs, interest rates, and few career prospects. (artnet News)

In Rihanna Photoshoot for Vogue Paris, Juergen Teller Cribs Imagery from Mickalene Thomas

The two artists are both represented by Lehmann Maupin and listed side-by-side on the gallery’s website. (Hyperallergic)

Visiting the Museum: Learning Resources

Helpful tools to help students think more critically about art museums and their relation to the study and practice of art history. (Art History Teaching Resources)

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