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posted by CAA — Oct 31, 2018

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Prior to working at Penn Museum in Philadelphia, Hadi Jasim was an Iraqi translator for the US military. Credit: Courtesy of Thomas Stanley, via PRI

Experts: Federal Policy Change Would Harm Transgender Students

As the Trump administration moves to conservatively define gender under Title IX, there are implications for transgender students on college campuses. (Diverse Education)

This Philadelphia Museum Hired Iraqi and Syrian Refugees as Tour Guides for Its Middle East Gallery

“Being close to your heritage is something that makes you feel like okay, now I’m back. You know, I don’t feel like I’m a stranger [any] more.” (PRI)

Archives of American Art Announces Pivotal Gift from the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

The $5 million gift will be put towards digitizing material on art and artists from historically underrepresented groups. (Art Fix Daily)

Professors Are the Likeliest Mentors for Students, Except Those Who Aren’t White

A recent survey shows just 47% of alumni of color said they’d had a mentor on the faculty, compared with 72% of white graduates. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

The ‘Decolonization’ of the American Museum

Museums are changing how they view themselves. (Washington Post)

A Humanities Degree Is Worth Much More Than You Realize

Enhancing the public’s understanding of how the humanities can help meet the economic, political, and technological challenges of the future is essential. (The Hill)

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