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posted by CAA — Nov 14, 2018

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Nick Cave in his studio at Facility, his new multidisciplinary art space in Chicago. Photo: Whitten Sabbatini for New York Times

Artist Covertly Hangs #MeToo-Inspired Wall Labels at the Met Museum

Michelle Hartney posted the guerrilla wall labels next to the artwork of Paul Gaugin and Pablo Picasso. (Hyperallergic)

How Ideas Go Viral in Academia

Can great thinking still catch fire in academia? (CU Boulder)

Nick Cave Uses His Capital to Help Aspiring Creators

Nick Cave and partner Bob Faust have created a new 20,000-square-foot multidisciplinary art space in Chicago. (New York Times)

Still a Problem: Images and Art History in 2018

“Too often we are still using poor quality, lifeless images that we project in the classroom with Powerpoint. We think we can do better.” (Smarthistory)

Countering Myths and Misperceptions of Participating in the Arts

The first in a three-post series examining people’s questions about arts experiences and how organizations can help answer them. (Wallace Blog)

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