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posted by CAA — Feb 27, 2019

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The Met announced it will return a recent acquisition—a golden-sheathed coffin from the 1st century BC—to Egypt. Photo: Met Museum

Met Museum to Return Prize Artifact Because It Was Stolen

The museum has stated it will “review and revise” its acquisitions process. (New York Times)

Five First Steps for Making Your Events More Accessible

Evergreen resources to make your events more accessible. (NYFA)

It Keeps You Nice and Disposable’: The Plight of Adjunct Professors

Part-time adjunct instructors represent two-fifths of all faculty at US colleges and universities. (Washington Post)

On What It Takes to Sustain a Creative Life Financially

“I knew plenty of others had figured out how to do it before me, but regrettably, I had no window into their process. This essay is an attempt to share what it took.” (The Creative Independent)

Dear Faculty: You Matter More Than You Know

True mentorship is about more than making students feel cared about and supported. It involves making them work hard, too. (Inside Higher Ed)

Art Museums Need to Address Colonialist Theft—Not Diversity

MoMA announced it will close this summer to include more works from artists of color, but activists say this does little to reconcile centuries of exploitation. (Broadly)

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