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Apply to Join the CAA Council of Readers

posted by CAA — Mar 12, 2019

Attendees at the 2019 Annual Conference in New York. Photo: Ben Fractenberg

Beginning this year, we are pleased to announce a new opportunity to help shape Annual Conference session content. In preparation for the 2020 Annual Conference in Chicago, the Annual Conference Committee will appoint a Council of Readers to read proposals submitted by CAA members and serve a crucial role in the review process.

The Council will be tasked with reading proposals with a focus on their specialty and will provide the knowledge and expertise of their fields to help shape the conference.

Requirements for Readers

  • Current CAA membership
  • Time commitment to read and review up to 60 proposals online in May 2019. Proposal lengths range from a single 250-word abstract to a complete session with multiple presentation abstracts totaling, for example, 1000 words. Readers will review no more than 60 proposals each.
  • Ability to participate as a Council of Readers member for three years
  • Readers are required to read and abide by CAA’s Statement on Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality


Deadline to apply: April 18, 2019

Review Process

  • The Council of Readers is group of 50 to 75 CAA members from Professional Committees, Affiliated Societies, and general membership overseen by the Annual Conference Committee chair.
  • Readers will be asked to review proposals in their areas of interest or specialty, as well as other fields they designate. Readers with broad areas of interest are encouraged to participate.
  • The proposals will be distributed in the first week of May and must be completed by May 31.
  • Each proposal is read and reviewed in the online portal by three different Council members.
  • Each member of the Council of Readers reviews no more than 60 proposals.
  • Proposal lengths range from a single 250-word abstract to a complete session with multiple presentation abstracts totaling, for example, 1000 words. For CAA 2019 the Committee reviewed over 1500 abstracts.
  • For each proposal, readers will use a scale of 1-5 to answer five questions and also enter a short comment for the Annual Conference Committee’s review.
  • 2020 Readers will each access abstracts to review in our online system, with orientation and support from the Annual Conference Committee and CAA staff members.
  • Members of the Council of Readers serve a three-year term on a rotation so that each year, one third of the council is new.
  • Review is independent; the Council of Readers does not meet together in-person or electronically.
  • After proposals are read and reviewed by the Council, the chair reports to the Annual Conference Committee on session topics, including identifying possible areas of content that are missing from the submissions received.
  • The chair shapes the conference content based on the reviewed submissions.

Pleas email Mira Friedlaender, Manager of Annual Conference,, or Tiffany Dugan, Director of Programs and Publications,, with any questions.

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