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posted by CAA — Oct 09, 2019

Anni Albers’s work is the subject of a new exhibition at David Zwirner in New York. Image: David Zwirner, via Vanity Fair

Listening to Threads With Anni Albers

“Circumstances held me to threads and they won me over,” Anni Albers said on a 1982 College Art Association panel. “I learned to listen to them and to speak their language. I learned the process of handling them.” (Vanity Fair)

Art Classes Instead of Court Dates? In Low-Level Cases, Brooklyn DA Says Yes

People arrested on low-level misdemeanors in Brooklyn will now have the option to complete a one-day arts course at the Brooklyn Museum. (Brooklyn Eagle)

New Scrutiny of Museum Boards Takes Aim at World of Wealth and Status

For board members not invited because of artistic or academic accomplishments, the price of entry remains steep. (New York Times)

What the Hell Was Modernism?

“Much of modernism and its concerns now feel long ago, forged in a time of rapid industrial change when white European males assumed they ruled the world. The demands of our times call for something else.” Jerry Saltz considers the new MoMA. (New York Magazine)

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