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posted by CAA — Jan 08, 2020

The archaelogical site and ruins of gates and columns of the Persian Achaemenid dynasty ancient capital city of Persepolis. Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images, via artnet News

President Trump’s Threat to Bomb Iranian Cultural Sites ‘Must Be Condemned,’ Say Outraged Museum Directors, Politicians, and Scholars

Cultural figures and scholars around the world have condemned Trump’s statements. (artnet News)

Update: The Pentagon Has Rejected Trump’s Threat to Bomb Iran’s Heritage Sites. Here’s What May Have Been Saved (artnet News)

Reimagining Museum Design, With Education at the Forefront

“Education departments have generally been the most imaginative, responsive, and inclusive arms of museums. So, why are they not given the highest consideration in new museum building planning?” (Hyperallergic)

Ten Rules for (Possibly) Succeeding in Academia through Upward Kindness

A satirical article on tips for “upward toxicity” in academia was Times Higher Education’s most-read article of 2019. In response—and in the spirit of the new year—here are ten rules for success through upward kindness. (THE)

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