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New Editions of Graduate Programs in the Arts

posted by Betty Leigh Hutcheson — Jan 04, 2013

CAA has updated its directories of graduate programs in the arts, revising current entries and adding new ones. CAA’s comprehensive guides—listing 650 programs across five countries—provide prospective graduate students with the information they need to begin the application process. Graduate Programs in Art History covers four program types: History of Art and Architecture, Arts Administration, Curatorial and Museum Studies, and Library Science. Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts presents program listings in Studio Art and Design, Art Education, Film Production, and Conservation and Historic Preservation.

Organized alphabetically by school name within each program type, entries describe curricula, class size, faculty and specializations, admission and degree requirements, library and studio facilities, opportunities for fellowships and assistantships, and the availability of health insurance. To get a better sense of the content, look at these sample entries.

Individual programs types can be purchased separately as ebook or print volumes. You can also purchase individual entries in two ways: search the directories by program type, faculty specialization, awarded degrees, country, region, state, availability of health insurance, and whether or not part-time students are admitted, or browse by institution name to download individual entries as PDF files.

The directories also serve as key professional references for career-services representatives, department chairs, graduate and undergraduate advisors, librarians, professional-practices educators, and professors interested in helping emerging generations of artists and scholars find success.

For more details and to order the directories, please contact Roberta Lawson at 212-392-4404.

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