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posted by CAA — Aug 30, 2017

Each week CAA News shares eight articles, published around the web, that CAA members may find interesting and useful in their professional and creative lives.

Writing a PhD Thesis? What Does It take?

Take a look at advice for writing a PhD thesis. Is this what you would tell your students?  What else would you tell them? (Via Times Higher Education). 

Check the Sofa for Loose Change!

It’s time to plan your fall travels.  Here are 30 of the most important exhibitions for the fall.  Near and far, old and new, there is something for everyone.  Check back in December and let us know how many you made it to. Go! (Via Artnet News).

Making Art in a Hurricane

Within a week after Katrina hit New Orleans, artist Lori Gordon starting making work from the wreckage. Opportunities abound in Texas. (Via NPR).

What to Wear in Korea

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is the only US venue for an exhibition of Korean couture which spans over 600 years. Fall 2018. (Via Asian American Press).

Are You Surprised?

For-profit colleges find few reasons to lobby the new secretary of education, Betsy DeVos. (Via Chronicle).

How Much Did You Pay for That?

The National Gallery in London paid 11.6 million pounds ($15 million) for a painting by Bernardo Bellotto. Who says landscapes don’t matter anymore? (Via Art History News).

Wait! That’s My Phone!

Depicting the founding of Springfield, MA, this 1937 painting shows a Native American holding what can be seen as nothing other than an iPhone. What could it be? (Via Daily Mail).

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