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Annual Conference Committee Seeks Next Chair

posted by CAA — Mar 15, 2019

CAA invites nominations and self-nominations for the Annual Conference Chair. This at-large member of the Annual Conference Committee serves a two-year term, beginning February 2020, immediately following the 108th Annual Conference. The Annual Conference Chair Designate shall begin their orientation to the role in May 2019. They will be invited to meetings of the Annual Conference Committee as a non-voting ex officio member at that time.

The Chair oversees the Council of Readers and reports back to the Annual Conference Committee on session topics, including identifying possible areas of content and interest to members that are missing from the submissions received. With CAA staff, the Chair recruits Council of Readers members to read, review, and rank proposals. The Chair shapes the content to the Annual Conference from the submissions as reported back by the Council.

Deadline: April 29, 2019

As a member of the Annual Conference Committee the Chair:

  • Works with CAA staff and oversees the execution of the overall goals of the conference
  • Ensures that the Annual Conference reflects the goals of the Association
  • Makes the Annual Conference an effective place for intellectual, aesthetic, and professional learning and exchange
  • Reflects the diverse interests of the membership
  • Suggests conference content based on member interest
  • Assists in scheduling the variety of chosen sessions, workshops, talks, etc.
  • Proposes ways to increase conference participation and attendance
  • Proposes new initiatives for the conference
  • Proposes candidates for distinguished speakers

The Annual Conference Committee meets three times a year: February – in person at the Annual Conference to examine and discuss the operational aspects of the conference which recently concluded and ideas for the upcoming conference; May/June – on a conference call to review the recommendations by the Council of Readers for the upcoming Annual Conference; October – on a conference call to review final plans and any existing changes for the Annual Conference up to two years out.

Please send a 150-word letter of interest and a CV to Mira Friedlaender, CAA Manager of Annual Conference. Deadline: April 29, 2019.

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